Bulevar building block (Bormujos-Seville)
Residential unit comprising 89 apartments of various types, with garages, storage rooms, swimming pool and commercial premises.

Green 7 (Islantilla-Huelva)
Residential unit comprising 99 apartments situated right on the Golf course, with a swimming pool, garages and storage rooms.

Bahía Blanca (Isla Canela - Huelva)
Residential unit comprising 63 one and two bedroom apartments.

Islantilla Club (Islantilla-Huelva)
Residential area situated right on the golf course comprising three and four bedroom houses.

Los Pintores (Umbrete-Sevilla)
Residential area of three bedroom detached houses with a ground floor, upper floor and roof terrace.

El Rocío District M17.
1993. Dos Hermanas (Seville) 36 Homes, 2 business premises and 75 parking spaces.

1992. 16 terraced houses.

1990 8 industrial buildings, 3 homes and 3 business premises.

Residencial Area Entreparques.
1988. Airport Industrial Area (Seville) 47 terraced houses and 18 paired houses.

Juan Carlos 1 Building
1986. 2 Buildings, one with 48 homes and 36 parking spaces and another with 48 homes and basements.

Maritime Promenade.
1983. Matalascañas (Huelva) 18 business premises.

Atlántico Building.
1986-1981. Matalascañas (Huelva). Three buildings with 261 homes and 4 business premises.

Los Mimbrales.
1978. Matalascañas (Huelva). Building with 30 homes and 13 business premises.

Justino Matutes 12.
1976. Seville. Building with two business premises, 9 homes and 33 parking spaces.

Cabriola Building.
1975. Matalascañas. (Huelva) Building with 56 homes and 1 business premises.

Sánchez Arjona.
1973. Seville. Building with 2 homes and 2 business premises.

El Rocío District.
1966 –1996. Dos Hermanas (Seville), Several real estate performances with a total of 695 homes, 22 business premises and 46 parking spaces.

Federico Rubio 8 and 10
1975 Located in Seville building composed of 19 flats, 1 business premises and 8 parking spaces.

Pez Espada Building.
1974. Located in Matalascañas (Huelva) building composed of 79 homes.

Torremar Building .
1971 Located in Matalascañas (Huelva) composed of two buildings, one with 37 flats and the other with 19.